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Wear protection for chutes and channels

Wear protection for feeding via chutes, channels and downpipes

With its broad range of materials and application experience, Kalenborn provides effective wear protection for feed system components such as chutes, channels and downpipes that connect equipment elements to one another. A defect in one of these sensitive components can rapidly lead to a costly shutdown of the entire plant. Often there is only one simple cause: wear.

Chutes, channels and downpipes are widely used in the raw materials industry to fill pipelines and other conveyor and filling systems – and they are subject to high mechanical wear. Along with design solutions, Kalenborn uses highly abrasion-resistant materials such as KALMETALL (hard overlay welded wear protection plates) or KALOCER (high alumina ceramic bricks) as wear protection for chutes, channels and downpipes. The KALOCER ceramic bricks are up to 50 mm thick and can be made as form-fitting three-dimensional elements. To protect chutes, channels and downpipes against wear, they are precision cut and fixed in place with a specifically adapted mounting system from Kalenborn.