Filtering and separating


Filtering and separating

Wherever bulk materials are separated, sorted or graded, plant components are subjected to wear. Kalenborn offers a broad range of wear protection solutions. Our solutions protect your cyclones, separators, screens and other equipment components against wear.

Wear protection for cyclones

Along with the hardness of the materials being sorted, flow rate is a major factor that affects wear. In cyclones, particles sometimes reach significant speeds, which cause tremendous wear. Wear protection linings must be not only strong but also extremely lightweight, to add as little as possible to the overall weight of the equipment component.

Cyclone with KALOCER mats and fittings

Classifier system with KALOCER

Wear protection for sifters

Different sifters are used depending on the characteristics of the mixture. The material is separated according to particle size or material properties in an air stream, by gravity or centrifugal force. Elevated temperatures or rapid temperature changes can also occur, which have an impact on both the correct choice of wear protection materials and the means of installing that protection (adhesive, mechanical, etc.) in separators.

Wear protection for sieves

Sieves are used to sort material according to different grain sizes. Depending on the hardness and grain size of the material, the frictional motion generated in the process causes considerable wear. It is important that the sieves used for this purpose continue to separate the desired grain sizes within the specified tolerances for as long as possible. Selection of the correct wear protection material is optimized according to the specific process parameters.

Dust separator with KALCRET

DRI reactor with KALCOR

Wear protection for reactor cones

In the DRI direct reduction process, oxygen is removed from the iron ore by means of reducing gases to obtain sponge iron. This requires a temperature optimized lining system for the reactor cone. In cooperation with Danieli, Kalenborn has special experience in this field to meet the requirements for CO2-minimised steel production.

Our plant parts for wear protection

  • Cyclones
  • Reactor cones
  • Venturi
  • Sifters
  • Sieves
  • Filter presses
  • Dryers
  • Separators

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