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Wear protection for all types of mixers

Wear protection for mixers and agitators

Every mixing and stirring process subjects the associated equipment to continuous wear. We use specifically matched material combinations to protect against wear caused by the different stress conditions which affect the walls, bottom and paddels of all types of mixers, including:

  • pan mixers
  • twin-shaft mixers
  • drum mixers
  • etc.

In pan mixers subject to high levels of abrasion, the bottom is typically protected by ceramic linings with KALOCER tiles. Metal guards finished with KALMETALL-W hardfacing are installed to protect discharge edges against wear. Our technical consultants draw on many years of experience and on our wide ranging product expertise to develop the customized wear protection solution that is ideally suited to each application. And the same also applies, of course, for wear protection solutions in similar equipment used to dry, granulate or react abrasive materials.