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Wear protection for piping systems

Pipes, pipe bends and pipe fittings

Pipes are generally used to transport processed materials. Along with mechanical systems such as pipe conveyors, it is also common practice to use liquid or gaseous media to move material via hydraulic pipes and pneumatic lines. So abrasion is also caused by chemical factors, which Kalenborn takes into account along with thermal conditions when designing wear protection solutions for pipes.

In order to combine effectiveness and economy in wear protection for piping systems, pipe bends and pieces right after are primarily lined with more wear-resistant materials whilst straight sections require significantly less protection.

Wear protection for piping systems always requires careful attention because damage due to wear is necessarily less apparent than with open system components. We supply not only the wear protection-lined pipes and pipe bends themselves, but also expansion joints, branches, reducers and other pipe fittings with appropriate wear protection linings. Design and fabrication are based on the Rd6a standard developed by Kalenborn, thereby guaranteeing the high quality and easy installation of our piping system components, also in existing piping systems.

For moving applications, Kalenborn supplies flexible, wear-protected pipe bends made of rubber under the brand name KALFLEX. At the heart of the system are conical elements made of ceramic wear protection (KALOCER - high alumina ceramic) or KALCAST hard castings which, interlocked and inside a rubber-sleeve, make it possible to create highly wear-resistant flexible connections.