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Wear protection linings and enhanced slide promotion

Wear protection through enhanced slide promotion keeps production running smoothly

Profitability is the core principle of industrial production and processing. Wherever bunkers, chutes, silos, troughs or similar equipment are used, wear protection linings from Kalenborn are a cost-effective solution.

Wear protection linings used as wall and surface linings made with materials from Kalenborn which enhance slide promotion ensure smooth operation. They help avoid the need to invest in additional personnel and in various flow aids, such as manual tapping or automated shakers or jets, which would otherwise be necessary to prevent the interruption of production operations.

Slide promotion from Kalenborn

Special thermoplastics from the KALEN product family provide for trouble-free operation by preventing the conveyed bulk materials from caking and bridging and by ensuring smooth material flow. Combining good anti-friction properties and additional wear protection, hard ceramic linings made with KALCERAM wear protection products are similarly effective.

Full service from Kalenborn

In selecting appropriate materials for wear protection linings, our engineers take the special geometries of structures such as bunkers or hoppers into account. In cooperation with research institutes, we also offer to calculate the angles of repose and bulk material parameters, in order to determine the appropriate geometry, to which we can then match our material selection for wear protection linings. Aspects such as profitability and abrasion protection are incorporated into the analysis, resulting in tailor-made solutions for durably optimized material flow.