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Wear protection for bunkers, hoppers and funnels

Wear Protection and Flow Promotion in bunker and hopper storage

In industrial plants, different storage containers are used depending on the bulk material being handled: bunkers, hoppers and funnels, with round or rectangular shape, often adapted to customer-specific conveyor technology. Kalenborn provides wear protection technology that keeps bulk materials from caking in bunkers, hoppers and funnels and reduces abrasion and enhances slide promotion. In both cases, such protection contributes to process reliability and the smooth operation of the plant.

The structures of funnels, hoppers and bunkers made of concrete or steel need wear protection solutions which are specifically adapted to the bulk material and the geometry. That protection comprises the correct choice of material and an intelligent bonding system that ensures its long service life. In many cases, a combination of different materials is recommended in order to achieve an optimal balance between resistivity and slide promotion . This makes it possible to provide different areas – e.g. internal linings, material discharge, etc. – with individually optimized wear protection solutions according to their specific load conditions, thereby ensuring smooth operation.