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Wear monitoring for industrial equipment – KALDETECT

Wear monitoring provides added safety for critical systems

Wear protection from Kalenborn is reliable, conserves resources and lasts for an extremely long time. Nevertheless, process monitoring is recommended for particularly sensitive applications – e.g. where toxic media or highly abrasive materials are conveyed. That is why Kalenborn developed the KALDETECT wear monitoring system. KALDETECT reports the end of the service life of a wear protection material in advance and warns the operator early about the impending failure of a pipeline. In this way, the KALDETECT wear monitoring system reliably warns about leaks before they actually occur. That prevents environmental pollution and dangerous operating conditions. One typical application is in waste incineration plants, where steps must be taken to reliably ensure that no toxic or environmentally harmful substances escape.

Kalenborn offers KALDETECT as an electrical, a pneumatic or mechanical wear monitoring system for pipelines and plant components.

Electrical wear monitoring

With electrical wear monitoring, a low-voltage measurement line is installed on the exterior surface of the wear protection material that comprises the wear protection lining. If the wear protection layer inside the pipe is worn away by abrasion in certain places, the measurement line is interrupted and a signal is sent. The associated piping component is displayed and can be replaced before the pipeline fails. Depending on customer preference, KALDETECT can be configured to signal via systems ranging from simple measurement technology to WLAN-supported systems.

Pneumatic wear monitoring

The pneumatic wear monitoring system requires a double-walled component configuration. If the pressure level in the space between the walls changes, a signal is triggered in the same way as with the electrical wear monitoring system. As with the electrical system, this one is also suitable for individual components or complete pipelines.

Mechanical wear monitoring

The mechanical wear monitoring system is available in two versions. A monitoring pin screwed in from the outside, the end of which is flush with the internal wear protection material, provides information about the remaining thickness of the lining system. This solution is recommended for smaller or internally inaccessible pipes and components. For larger components, a sawtooth-shaped wear measurement strip is inserted in a continuous joint between the molded elements of the wear protection material. The width of the visible saw teeth indicates the remaining thickness of the material.