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In 2020, the COVID 19 disease has a huge impact on all industrial plants, and Vietnam is not outside that affected area. Thermal power plants must run at full capacity to serve increasing demand while reducing maintenance downtime. It is also a challenge for companies that supply the maintenance service of power plants, including EPS (EVNGENCO3 Power Service Company). Kalenborn Vietnam received an order for lining hard compound KALCRET CTX for 36 pcs of pulverized coal pipes within 20 days. We have finished all the above work within 12 days with the finishing quality is highly appreciated by the customer.

Transporting fly ash in the pipeline is always make the operators "headache".

Laboratory tests on the microstructure of the magnetite crystals of ABRESIST. They significantly determine the enormous strength and hardness of the material.

Slide promoting and sustainable wear protection

The sales team at Kalenborn do Brasil was able to win a major order for around 1.2 million euros for a well-known mine operator in Brazil.

At the largest iron ore mine project in the world, Kalenborn solutions help operators eliminate sliding wear problems on a classifier housing chute. The $14 billion mine in northern Brazil produces more than 90 million tonnes per year of high-grade ore, and includes mine, plant, railway and port logistics.

In its XTribology project, the research centre of AC2T research is laying the foundation for tremendous increases in efficiency with pioneering trends in wear protection. The underlying goal is to prevent equipment component failures in primary industries as well as in raw material excavation and energy production.

In one of the world’s largest sugar refineries the ABRESIST lining of the sugar beet collecting bunker is working since more than 30 years. The bunker has a diameter of about 10 m.

At its largest plant, the world’s leading producer of titanium dioxide has greatly extended the service life of critical piping with Kalenborn abrasion-resistant solutions. Titanium dioxide pigments add brightness and durability to paints, plastics, paper and other everyday products.

Kalenborn Delma and Kalenborn Bazalt joined their forces as one company Kalenborn Polska on SYMAS in Kraków. This exhibition shows a growing demand and big potential for wear protection during material handling and transportation of powders, ash and solids materials.

One of the largest global producers of building materials relies on Kalenborn solutions at a California cement plant to solve problems of premature wear and clogging on a pneumatic conveyance line for alternative fuel. The plant, which has received EPA Energy Star certification and multiple awards for its environmental-protection and land-stewardship efforts, produces more than 3 million tons of cement annually.