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One of the largest global producers of building materials relies on Kalenborn solutions at a California cement plant to solve problems of premature wear and clogging on a pneumatic conveyance line for alternative fuel. The plant, which has received EPA Energy Star certification and multiple awards for its environmental-protection and land-stewardship efforts, produces more than 3 million tons of cement annually.

At one of its largest bio-solids recycling plants, a leading company in the biomass industry has specified a trio of Kalenborn abrasion-resistant solutions to extend the life of critical ducting. The state-of-the-art thermal drying facility is part of a joint venture with a major U.S. city and the plant handles all the city’s bio-solids.

Our customer is a large group of companies supplying products and services related to extraction, filtration and air cleaning for multiple sectors. It serves wood and paper industry plants, as well as the power engineering, metallurgical, cement, coke and sorting sector. At present, the plant construction company has cooperated with Kalenborn Bazalt Starachowice in relation to the industrial wear protection of equipment.

The Cement Plant in Chełm belongs to one of the largest corporations worldwide manufacturing building materials. It specialises in manufacturing Portland cement (fly ash, lime or mixed cement types) and special cement types, including but not limited to the ones for road construction. At present, the company has been cooperating regularly with Kalenborn Bazalt.

KALEA is a durable, high-performance Polyurea-based plastic characterised by high wear resistance. It's used wherever aggressive bulk materials, such as ore, sand, gravel, shale, sinter and the like are transported or stored, and plant components and pipe systems are subject to wear due to frictional and impact loading.

For critical cases Kalenborn offer systems that monitor possible wear in the lining. This gives the operator early information for taking necessary action. Important and necessary for example in pneumatic conveying lines to prevent toxic or environmentally harmful substances from being released.

KALIMPACT is a hard material hard material rubber composite. Depending on the specific abrasion and impact resistance requirements, KALIMPACT comprises either ABRESIST fused cast basalt, KALOCER oxide ceramics or with KALMETALL hard overlay welded plates. Each of the different material variations is formed into a vulcanised composite rubber sheet.

At a continuous casting plant steel ingots are cast and then cut to appropriate length. Due to the high temperatures, scale develops on the outside of the ingots and is rinsed away in chutes with water to a basin. The scale takes the form of grains some 5 mm in size and causes serious wear in the chutes. Nowadays it has become a standard throughout the world to line such chutes with ABRESIST fused basalt. The smooth surface reduces any deposition of material during transport, as well as protecting against abrasion wear.

Danieli is a global provider of iron and steel making technology. An important application is the transforming process from iron ore to direct reduced iron (DRI) which is done in the DRI reactor. In the DRI reactor one of the more sensitive parameters for maintaining product quality and performance is the discharge temperature of the pellets used to feed the electric arc furnace (EAF). Likewise, for feeding pellets to the hot briquetted iron (HBI) machine. The higher the temperature, the better will be HBI quality.