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15 years of Kalenborn do Brasil

Kalenborn do Brasil will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of its founding this year. What began in 2002 with just 4 employees has developed over the last decade into an important subsidiary of Kalenborn International. In Brazil, 20 employees now represent our worldwide company.

The strength of Kalenborn do Brasil is primarily in its close cooperation with customers in order to develop customised wear protection solutions, taking into account local conditions. Major companies like Vale, Anglo American and ThyssenKrupp are now included among the clients. From Belo Horizonte they get reliable wear protection for piping systems and industrial plant.

In order to optimise work flows and retain the ability to work effectively in future, too, the Engineering, Management and Installation departments have now come together at one premises in time for the company anniversary. The new premises cover an overall area of some 2,700 m².

“We are hoping that combining all our departments on one site will improve our efficiency and we’re looking forward to being able to work even more closely with each other in future,” claimed the head of the subsidiary Luiz Antonio de Campos. “I would like to especially thank all the employees who contribute to our success each day as well as our customers for their many years of trusting in us.”