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Combined material properties for vibrating conveyors

Vibrating conveyors are a type of conveyance system which uses vibration to convey materials along a horizontal route. In steelworks, for example, they are used underneath ore bunkers for the discharging of sinter materials. Such material causes major wear to the conveyors, frequently resulting in abrasion damage to the system. The lifetime of such vibrating conveyors can be considerably extended by means of effective wear protection.

The requirements for this wear protection are very complex to achieve. The plant operator requested Kalenborn to protect the vibrating conveyors from abrasive wear. In addition, the feeder areas beneath the bunkers were to receive protection against wear caused by impacts. There was another challenge, too: The system operates at an ambient temperature of around 80°C.

The solution developed by the experts at Kalenborn was an effective one. We lined the vibrating conveyors with 5 to 10 mm of the wear-resistant material KALMETALL. Hard surfacing of sheet steel makes the metal particularly resistant to wear and impact. In addition, it also has impressive resistance to heat. At the impact areas, we used KALMETALL bonded with KALIMPACT rubber. This material absorbs the forces of impact as well as reducing noise and vibration. We chose to use screw fixing as a safe and long-lasting system of attachment.

Our overall service package, consisting of technical planning, manufacture of materials and full installation on site, was to the customer’s utmost satisfaction. The combination of materials and attachment is perfectly adapted to the operating conditions of the plant involved. The longer lifespan of the vibrating conveyors has led to reliable production performance. Long-term testing has also showed the wear protection to be remaining in excellent condition.