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Extended product line KALIMPACT for protection against heavy impact and abrasion

KALIMPACT is a hard material hard material rubber composite. Depending on the specific abrasion and impact resistance requirements, KALIMPACT comprises either ABRESIST fused cast basalt, KALOCER oxide ceramics or with KALMETALL hard overlay welded plates. Each of the different material variations is formed into a vulcanised composite rubber sheet.

Together with new laying pattern of KALIMPACT as mosaic mats, squares, rectangles, hextiles, cylpebs or plates, individually tailored and particularly cost-effective solutions to guard against impact and abrasive resistance can be offered.

Examples of this include discharge shafts for coal and iron ore in a port transshipment operation, feed chutes, hoppers, belt transfer stations, bunker liners or troughs in steel mills.

Depending on the version, KALIMPACT is simply fastened with thin-bed adhesive, mechanically via a carrier steel plate or with magnets.

Further information can be found in our PDF-Flyer or on our product page.