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KALCRET. Time for better wear protection

Product illustration Kalcret
Produktabbildung Kalcret

KALCRET is a wear-resistant, high-performance concrete made of high-strength hard aggregates in an extremely strong cement matrix. The improved compound is matched to the specific requirements and provides maximum resistance to erosion and abrasion.

KALCRET has the best performance on the market

KALCRET combines excellent wear protection properties with ease of use. The specific advantage of all compound materials is their flexibility in practice. Large surfaces can be coated quickly and reliably to restore plant availability rapidly.

KALCRET is suitable for lining plant components and pipe systems, including in environmental engineering applications such as air and water filtration plants, in waste incineration plants, in power plants, in plants that produce construction materials, in cement works, and in the steel industry.

KALCRET complies with strict international erosion resistance wear testing requirements according to ASTM-C704-15 and ASTM G65 as well as abrasion resistance wear testing requirements according to Böhme DIN 52108.

You can find more information about KALCRET here.