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KALCRET – wear protection that can be trowelled, cast or sprayed on

Linings with KALCRET protect plant components and pipes. There are already many successful applications throughout the raw materials industry, for example in mining, in power plants, in the steel and cement industries, and in waste incineration plants.

In power plants, KALCRET protects the pipe bends of pulverised coal pipes. One typical application in steelworks is providing wear protection for the agitator for extracting the dust from the blast furnace gases and the windboxes below the sinter belt. In cement works, the pipes in clinker dust pipelines are lined with KALCRET and in cement grinding KALCRET is used to protect the sifter lining. KALCRET is easy to apply in lots of versatile ways. As a casting compound, flat surfaces can be lined quickly and efficiently and with the Kalenborn spray technology for KALCRET large surface areas can be coated quickly and securely so that the plant availability is restored in a short period of time.

KALCRET is hard, wear-resistant and can be used flexibly

As a cement-bonded hard compound, KALCRET combines excellent wear protection properties with easy handling. Its particular advantage is its flexibility. Linings over large surface areas and repairs, even to complex geometries, can be carried out with simple tools. It can also be processed overhead. The surface which is lined can be subjected to loads again after just 24 hours. KALCRET can be supplied for temperatures of up to 1200°C and is also capable of being combined with other materials from the Kalenborn wear protection range. Kalenborn individually matches the requirements for the material which is specially produced with the customer, in accordance with the particular intended uses.