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Kalenborn at SyMas in Krakow from 18 October to 19 October 2017

Kalenborn Bazalt and Kalenborn Delma will be exhibiting new applications for wear protection at the largest trade fair covering transport and logistics for bulk materials in Poland. They will be showing off their full range of wear-protection materials for transport, handling and storage of bulk goods.

KALFLEX is a novel product! The wear-proof hose system is suitable for conveyance of powders, granules and other loose products. KALFLEX is made of EPDM rubber with vulcanised diamond-shaped ceramic reinforcement inside. This makes KALFLEX extremely resistant to wear and it is a highly flexible hose system for reduction of maintenance downtimes and hose renewals.

In KALCRET ANX, Kalenborn are now offering remarkable protection by means of the hard compound group of materials at particularly good value for money. KALCRET ANX is suitable, among other things, for lining of chutes, gutters, trouhgs, pipes and silos with no need for lining joints.

Kalenborn are experts when it comes to working jointly to devise economical and tailor-made solutions which shorten downtimes and reduce costs for non-operating machinery.

Visit us at SyMas, stand nubmer: A43
Register for your visit at the following web site to obtain free entry:

Address of exhibition:

The EXPO KRAKOW Exhibition and Convention Centre
Galicyjska St 9, 31-586 Krakow