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KALMETALL-W – tough, impactresistant and indestructible

The metallic materials from Kalenborn are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications – and KALMETALL-W is one of them. The armour plates with different thicknesses and quality grades are noted for their excellent wear resistance and impact strength.

The reinforced plates are made up of a steel base plate and a hard metal overlay which is welded on, in some cases in several layers. The base plate ensures the static strength of the component whereas the wear resistance and impact strength comes from chromium carbides that are embedded in the metal structure. By varying the base plate and the hard metal alloy, applications at high temperatures of up to 750°C or aggressive process conditions can also be carried out. 

Modern processing techniques and metallurgical know-how allow us to manufacture highly complex and precise components, housings and plant parts in line with the customer’s specifications. For example, fans, cyclones, sifters, chutes and mixers can all be fabricated as a self-supporting structure made from KALMETALL-W.

The material is also suitable for use in regenerating grinding rollers and grinding tables in vertical roller mills. The original geometry of the components is restored, which means they can continue to operate effectively for many thousands of hours. This solution is not only cheaper, it is also more flexible than procuring new components and makes it possible to get the vertical roller mill back into operation again quickly. Our company Kalenborn Delma has many years of experience in deposit welding – on site or alternatively in our plant in Poland.