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KALOCER oxide ceramics protect pipes against zinc concentrate

Our customer extracts and processes approximately 150 thousand tonnes per year of zinc and lead ores from their own mine. Zinc alloys are used in the smelting and automotive industries as well as for the continuous zinc-plating of products in the processing industry. In the course of refining, zinc oxide (ZnO) is conveyed at 400°C via pneumatic pipes and pipe bends from the sphalerite roasting plant to the leaching unit.

ZnO is an extremely abrasive material and causes high friction wear, especially in the previously used cast iron pipe bends and piping immediately beyond them. Along with short low service life, the customer was also dissatisfied by the high weight of the piping components.

Kalenborn lined the pipes and pipe bends with thin-walled KALOCER cylinders. Besides high abrasion resistance, KALOCER also provides durably smooth surfaces that ensure that the ores flow well. Moreover, the thin-walled KALOCER cylinders reduce the overall weight of the lined pipes and bends. The ceramic wear protection provides the desired service life of about two years and ensures a continuous production process.

Prior to using the KALOCER oxide ceramics, the Kalenborn team tested the use of ABRESIST basalt cylinder linings. The service life of the pipes did not meet expectations, however. In addition, the existing connections and brackets could not be used. With the thinner KALOCER lining, the new parts could be integrated simply into the existing piping system and without additional cost or effort. The customer is completely satisfied with the overall solution and appreciates the reliable collaboration.