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New-generation KALDETECT – utmost reliability for wear monitoring of piping and plant components

KALDETECT is a system for monitoring wear. It provides early and reliable warning of when piping or plant components are approaching their end-of-life. It therefore prevents unplanned downtime and repairs and well as any environmental or equipment damage.

Monitoring, of piping lined with KALCOR for example, is carried out by means of a measuring conductor sandwiched between the lining and the actual pipe. If the wear-protection layer inside the piping should be worn or damaged at a specific point, the conductor through which the test current flows will be broken there. A corresponding evaluation system can then identify where in the piping the break has occurred.

For the new generation of KALDETECT wear monitoring, Kalenborn is using a highly compact and easy-to-use high-performance plug. It is particularly well suited for use in tough environments or outdoors. The plug is compliant with categories IP50 to IP68, being watertight, vacuum-tight and providing protection against high voltages and pressure. KALDETECT has passed type inspection tests in compliance with pressure equipment guidelines and is currently under TÜV scrutiny. This is documented by its bearing the CE0035 CE mark.

The construction design and benefits of KALDETECT have arisen based on decades of practical experience. The system is available for all wear-protection materials and for combined linings.

Case study: Conveyor pipes in the glass industry

Pneumatic conveyor pipes are used by one of our clients in the glass industry to transport raw materials including quartz sand and shards of waste glass to various

melting baths. These raw materials cause major wear on the pipes, pipe bends and channelling hoppers. Depending on the amount of wear arising, Kalenborn experts lined the pipes and bends with KALOCER oxide ceramic and KALCOR zirconium corundum. The channelling hoppers were completely lined with KALCOR. Both materials provide extremely high wear resistance with only a small thickness of lining.  This meant that there was no reduction in throughput within the pipes.

In addition, the client also chose to have the KALDETECT wear monitoring system installed. This provides the utmost reliability in monitoring of piping components. This enables premature failure and any resulting environmental damage to be avoided. One more benefit is that the client can make any necessary repairs to the lining during the course of planned maintenance work.