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New product: KALFLEX The wear-resistant flexible hose system

Kalenborn has expanded its range of wear-resistant hosing systems with yet another wear protection solution.

KALFLEX hosing, with its vulcanised ceramic internal protection, is flexible and protected against wear. Hoses such as this are used for hydraulic and pneumatic conveyance of abrasive materials such as granules, quartz sand or powdered lime. They are flexible and can be adapted for radius or angle. KALFLEX allow customers to avoid maintenance downtime and hose replacements. Unlike much wear-resistant piping, KALFLEX conveyance or suction hoses are very flexible indeed and are even suitable for components which are known to be subject to movement, vibration and temperature fluctuations.

KALFLEX hoses are comprised of three layers: The outer sleeve is made of EPDM synthetic rubber, which makes the KALFLEX hoses sturdy, airtight and watertight. An intermediate woven layer with steel helices strengthens the hoses further. The inner surface of the hoses has diamond-shaped ceramic plates made of KALOCER embedded into it as part of a vulcanisation process. These plates provide very high degrees of protection against frictional wear but still allow the hoses to be curved to very tight radii. KALFLEX can be used within a temperature range from -40°C to +80°C.

Thanks to the special diamond-shaped ceramic inlays, Kalenborn can supply its KALFLEX hosing system in diameters as low as 50 mm. The product range includes hoses of lengths from 500 up to 10,000 mm and they are suitable for all types of connectors. The reusable coupling system ensures perfect sealing and also outstanding resistance to pressure.