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New solutions for wear protection at Exposibram, Brazil

From 18 to 21 September, Kalenborn do Brasil will be present at one of the largest mining trade fairs in Latin America. On show will be the company’s full range of wear-proof materials and innovative wear protection solutions for conveyance and storage in coal mines, ore and mineral extraction, as well as raw materials processing.

With the new KALCRET ANX, the company will be offering remarkable wear protection by hard compound materials at particularly good value for money. Among other things, KALCRET ANX is suitable for lining hydraulic cyclones, flotation tanks, thickeners, hydraulic piping or flumes and vessels.

Kalenborn do Brasil are the experts when it comes to jointly working out profitable and customised solutions, which lengthen periods of operation and reduce shut-down costs. In addition, the Exposibram fair gives the company the opportunity to connect with other businesses, in order to establish itself even more firmly as the leading provider in the wear protection segment.

Visit Kalenborn do Brasil at Exposibram, stand number: A/18 Location: Expominas Av. Amazonas, 6200 - Gameleira, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. More information about the Exposibram mining congress can be found at: