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New web site strengthens the brand and brings in enquiries

The Kalenborn web site represents an authentic approach to the market – new responsive design, new navigation and greater user friendliness.

Our customers appreciate the fact that we have nearly 100 years of experience in reliable and sustainable solutions for protecting against wear. We certainly wish to build on this reputation to strengthen our brand and live up to our authentic market image. So after our image brochure, the web site is another building block in our communication approach and allows visitors to gain a quicker understanding of our products and other offerings and also demonstrates a better overview of our aims.

The new product groupings, wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant piping systems, wear protection for industrial plants and customer-specific solutions are on the home page, as well as under the heading “Products”. This guides visitors to the corresponding information. On each of our product and service pages, you can now find contact forms to make enquiries, something which is already happening on a daily basis. The number of people visiting our site has now pleasingly risen from 25 to 120 per day.