In late 2012, a major steel producer from Brazil approached the Kalenborn do Brasil branch office: at a plant near to Rio de Janeiro there were problems with wear on two coke silos.

Linings with KALCRET protect plant components and pipes. There are already many successful applications throughout the raw materials industry, for example in mining, in power plants, in the steel and cement industries, and in waste incineration plants.

The south of France not only boasts olive plantations and fields of lavender. The region is also home to cement works which present Kalenborn with new challenges.

Ports are important facilities that handle all kinds of goods and products. In the north of France, the main products that are shipped are foodstuffs and oil products as well as ore and coal. Several cranes operate every single day and transport the goods from ships to land.

Europe’s leading manufacturer of heavy plates is a long-standing customer of Kalenborn. From steel bridges and skyscrapers to oil and gas pipelines, the company’s plates are used in numerous projects all around the world. The company’s headquarters is also the site of the coking plant, which produces coke for the two blast furnaces at the heavy plate plant.

All under one roof

Kalenborn do Brasil has a new address. The assembly plant and administration offices of the Brazilian plant were previously situated at two different locations. That has now changed. Following the relocation of the administration department to Vespasiano in the north of Belo Horizonte the entire subsidiary is now at a single site.

Coal-fired power plants burn coal dust at temperatures exceeding 1200°C. The process also melts the mineral components of the coal. The result is pulverised fuel ash or fly ash. These solid dust grains, which consist mainly of silicon, aluminium and iron oxides, are separated from the smoke gas flow in cyclones by means of centrifugal force. The impact speed and mass of the highly abrasive material cause significant wear, especially in the infeed area, cylinder, basin and cone of the cyclone. Effective wear protection significantly increases the service life of plant components.

Kalenborner wear protection solutions are also used in applications one would not necessarily think of, for instance in wastewater treatment plants. During the treatment process, many kinds of solid matter are removed that can cause considerable wear to the plant. KALCRET is the remedy.