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Successful SYMAS in Kraków, 11th International Trade Fair of Powder & Bulk Solids Technologies.

Kalenborn Delma and Kalenborn Bazalt joined their forces as one company Kalenborn Polska on SYMAS in Kraków. This exhibition shows a growing demand and big potential for wear protection during material handling and transportation of powders, ash and solids materials.

Kalenborn presented their exhibits as T-pipe, flexible bend pipe, small screw conveyer, cyclone, plates, hard faced pipes and variety of linings with the material ABRESIST, KALOCER, KALCOR, KALMETALL and KALCRET- Display to demonstrate practical wear protection solutions. Representatives from our subsidiary company Kalenborn OSW Świdnica visited and supported us during the trade show. Our company was very popular with visitors of the trade fair. This was not only a great opportunity to maintain good contacts with existing customers from the cement, mining and power-plant sectors, but also to bring many productive discussions about new projects and challenging ideas for next years.