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Trade fair SOLIDS, Dortmund from 22-23.06.2022 successfully concluded with more than 40 very good customer conversations!

Customer interest in the new product group "Green Pipes" with replaceable wear protection lining was high. After all, the customer solution promises more than 80% CO2 savings per meter of steel pipe.

Product illustration Kalcret

KALCRET is a wear-resistant, high-performance concrete made of high-strength hard aggregates in an extremely strong cement matrix. The improved compound is matched to the specific requirements and provides maximum resistance to erosion and abrasion.

Green pipes and pipe bends have a wear-resistant lining that can be removed and recycled at the end of their service life. The wear-resistant lining’s special mounting concept makes it possible to remove the old lining without destroying the steel shell.

Kalenborn Germany has a 95% vaccination rate – and is also making good progress with booster jabs. We are the specialists for wear protection solutions. With our brand claim “Protection Solution: Get Vaccinated!”, we are launching another in-house vaccination campaign and calling on all our employees to ensure that they get protected.

Kalenborn celebrated an anniversary party in Vettelschoß, Germany and in Vespasiano/MG, Brazil. For employees with their families and other guests, there were various demonstrations in which Kalenborn Germany showed what can be done with the materials.

A municipal thermal power plant wishes to prevent progressive wear in their trough chain conveyor. These units are used to collect and transport away ash and slag from the combustion of e.g. coal under the boiler.

Excavators, loaders and dump trucks are very important machines when working in mines and quarries. Due to their intensive use, they are exposed to high loads, which is why they need to be protected with particularly resistant materials. We found this out in collaboration with a key customer. To effectively protect our customer's machines against abrasion and thus extend their service life, we recommend the use of our wear-resistant materials KALMETALL, KALCAST and KALEN. They have proven to be the ideal solution.

A leading cement plant operates a bucket elevator as a conveyor to lift raw meal to the raw meal grinding mill.

In 2020, the COVID 19 disease has a huge impact on all industrial plants, and Vietnam is not outside that affected area. Thermal power plants must run at full capacity to serve increasing demand while reducing maintenance downtime. It is also a challenge for companies that supply the maintenance service of power plants, including EPS (EVNGENCO3 Power Service Company). Kalenborn Vietnam received an order for lining hard compound KALCRET CTX for 36 pcs of pulverized coal pipes within 20 days. We have finished all the above work within 12 days with the finishing quality is highly appreciated by the customer.

Transporting fly ash in the pipeline is always make the operators "headache".