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Customer-specific solutions

Our customer-specific solutions involve innovative wear-protection applications for complex industrial installations. These wear-protection solutions take into account all the relevant influencing factors in our customers’ facilities. We fulfil the customers’ demands for safe and profitable production, as well as longer plant lifetimes by establishing the correct choice, combination and attachment of materials. We achieve success by working with our customers to develop solutions that are 100% application-oriented.

Example application from the petrochemical industry

In the factory of a leading shale oil producer, oil shale is separated into oil and gas. The company produces more than 250,000 tonnes of shale oil every year. This involves the processing of more than 2 million tonnes of shale.

Background to the story

At the factory, damp oil shale is ground around the clock and the rock is then transported on conveyor belts to a flash dryer for preliminary drying. Fine grained shale is blown at high speed and temperatures of 800 degrees through a rising dryer shaft into two cyclones situated adjacent to each other. The damp air drifts away while dry shale is conveyed to the bottom of the cyclones. Until now, protection against wear in the shaft of the flash dryer had been largely ignored, which had led to Kalenborn being contracted with wear-protection installation in order to avoid plant downtimes.

The job in hand

  • Development of specific wear-protection solutions for plant components of widely differing geometries and operating conditions.
  • Ensuring of higher component lifetimes

The solution

  • In the lower, hot area of the rising-shaft flash dryer, a lining system consisting of KALSICA-N and KALCOR-S was installed, which possesses very good resistant against hot abrasives and temperature fluctuations.
  • In the middle of the shaft, due to the lower temperatures, ABRESIST and KALMETALL were selected as the best materials in terms of technical requirements and cost-efficiency.
  • At the top of the shaft, where the distributor is located, Kalenborn had to construct a system consisting of KALMETALL and 100-mm thick KALSICA-N bars to match the shape of the design.


The result

With this universal range of wear-protection materials, it was possible to considerably improve the overall lifespan of all components of the dryer.

The longer operating span of the plant ensures profitable and safe production for the client.