Wear-resistant piping systems

We usually line piping components, such as pipes or pipe bends, with mineral, ceramic or metal materials to make them resistant to wear. However, we also manufacture hard cast piping components.

Hydraulic and pneumatic pipe systems often have to withstand extremely harsh conditions. Conveying abrasive materials such as ash, sand or sinter dust subjects pipelines to acute levels of stress. Hydraulic piping needs to be protected from wear along its entire length. In pneumatic conveyance systems, experience shows that most wear occurs in pipe bends and the piping immediately beyond them. For this reason, wear-proof piping with internal lining is used at such locations. The right kind of wear protection, often consisting of a system combining a variety of materials, ensures that the production process can carry on continuously.

The benefits are clear to see:

  • Long lifespan
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • No operational downtime
  • No interruption to production
  • No damage to goods being transported due to abrasion, mixing or corrosion
  • Many of the materials used are FDA approved therefore suitable to use in the food industry
  • Smooth surface for good flow of material preventing any blockages
  • Fewer pressure losses and low energy costs

KALFLEX pipe bends are flexible pipes which are used where rigid piping systems cannot be used due to vibrations, expansion of length or intentional movement.

Moreover, we also offer KALDETECT, an intelligent system for monitoring wear protection. It reports the end of the material’s service life in advance and warns the operator early about the impending failure of a pipeline. That prevents environmental pollution and hazardous operating conditions.