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ABRESIST pipes and pipe bends

Fused cast basalt

ABRESIST fused cast basalt has proven extremely effective as a protective lining in straight pipe elements and in pipe bends. Installed pipe cylinders reduce wear significantly in both pneumatic and hydraulic conveyor lines.

After a short time in service, ABRESIST pipes and pipe bends feature an extremely smooth surface, thereby preventing blockage due to moist materials. The corrosion-resistance of ABRESIST ensures that pipes and pipe bends are always ready for use, even after extended downtimes.

As an alternative to complete ABRESIST piping systems, depending on the intended purpose and on the free-flowing bulk goods, it is also possible to protect only specific partial sections subject to particularly high wear stress or to use a combination of wear-resistant materials.


  • Lining material: mineral wear protection made of ABRESIST (fused cast basalt)
  • Service temperature up to 350 °C
  • High abrasive wear resistance
  • Durably smooth surface
  • No corrosion
  • Limited resistance to chemicals and acids
  • Excellent price/performance ratio in suitable applications

ABRESIST pipes over 610 mm in diameter

Kalenborn lines pipelines of more than 610 mm in diameter with individual fused cast basalt segments. Material thickness is determined by the severity of the operating conditions. Junctions, branches, round-to-square transitions and other geometrically complex cast or moulded pipe fittings are protected in the same way with surface-optimised linings.