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Optimal wear protection lining for pipes or bends can also consist of a combination of different materials. Kalenborn offers special pipes and bends, the lining of which is specifically designed for various stresses, such as in the example of a biosolids recycling plant. The ducting runs between the dryer, where the biosolids emerge at temperatures of 100° C or higher, and the baghouse, where the material cools and is separated. As part of a complete system designed by an OEM, Kalenborn installed about 65 m² of 5-foot (1524 mm) diameter ducting.  For optimal wear-resistance, Kalenborn installed ABRESIST fused cast basalt lining on straight runs, 25-mm KALOCER oxide ceramic on elbows, and KALCRET hard compound on the inside radius.

Kalenborn special ducts and bends for a biosolids recycling plant: straight ABRESIST ducts and bends with KALOCER and KALCRET

Ducts for a biosolids recycling plant with combination lining

Kalenborn pipe bends with the combination of KALMETALL hard-face welding on the exterior of the bend and KALOCER oxide ceramic as pipe brick configuration on the interior

Kalenborn pipe bends for a plastic waste shredder plant: combination of KALCAST hard castings and KALCRET hard compound