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Replaceable pipe bends

KALBEND is a wear-resistant and replacement pipe bend. In pneumatic conveyors that carry free-flowing bulk goods, including quartz sand, shotcrete, foundry sand and steelworks dust, most of the abrasive wear occurs in the outer radius of pipe bends. For this reason, Kalenborn developed the KALBEND wear-resistant and replaceable pipe bend. The outside of the bend can be opened with four bolts and removed.

The wear protection lining can be repaired quickly and easily or the worn elbow can be replaced by a new one. Unlike other conveyor pipe bend designs that rely on cushioning where flow changes direction, KALBEND does not impair the free-flowing bulk material. This eliminates the need for downtime for scheduled maintenance. The KALBEND system extends the service life of the pipe bend with minimal, cost-effective effort.


  • Replaceable, wear-resistant pipe bend
  • Extra strength in the wear zone
  • Ni-hard for long service life
  • 45° and 90° versions available
  • Small radius for weight reduction
  • Suitable for pressures up to 50 psi.
  • 500 - 600 Brinell hardness

Application areas:

  • Steel, cement, stone, earthmoving and mining industries
  • Ceramics and glass industries
  • Chemical and food industries
  • Foundry technology