Wear monitoring for piping and plant components

KALDETECT is a highly effective monitoring system. Thanks to early detection and warning against possible failure of a component, subsequent damage, repair and production downtimes can be avoided.


Indicator stones are integrated at different heights in a ceramic wear protection lining. Increasing wear reveals the colour of the stones, thereby indicating the condition of the protective lining and how much material has worn away. Visual wear detection is suitable for individual parts or complete plants.


The wear resistant lining is fitted on the OD with a low voltage electrical circuit. If the wear resistant lining wears through due to abrasion in the pipeline, the electrical circuit will be interrupted. This will sound an alarm and – combined with a suitable evaluation system – will indicate the pipe section concerned or the plant can be automatically shut down.


The support structure and wear resistant lining are fitted with a bore hole. The length of the indicator pin monitors the thickness or condition of the protective lining when removed and inspected.


The steel casing is twin-walled. Changes in the pressure level in the space between the two parts caused by a leak will activate an indicator or alarm or the plant can be shut down – similar to the electrical wear detection. This system can be used for single pipes, complete pipelines or any mechanical plant.