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Wear protection monitoring

Electrical, mechanical and visual systems

For critical applications, Kalenborn markets systems that indicate the possible wear of protective linings, thereby informing the operator in time to take necessary action. This applies to pneumatic conveyor systems, for example, where measures must be taken to prevent the release of toxic or environmentally harmful substances.

KALDETECT electrical

The exterior of the wear protection lining is equipped with a low-voltage measuring conductor. If the wear protection layer inside the piping wears through due to abrasion at any point, the conductor will be interrupted there. This triggers an alarm and – in combination with suitable evaluation logic – indicates the affected section of piping or automatically shuts the plant down. Wear protection monitoring is available for all materials and even for combined linings.

KALDETECT mechanical

Support structure and wear protection lining are fitted with a removable pin installed in a threaded hole. Upon removal, the length of the pin indicates the thickness and condition of the protective lining.