Wear monitoring for piping and plant components

KALDETECT is a highly effective monitoring system. Thanks to early detection and warning against possible failure of a component, subsequent damage, repair and production downtimes can be avoided. For example, the system may be composed of ceramic lining in combination with electrical wear-protection monitoring. The outside of the lining is equipped with a low-voltage measuring conductor. If the wear-protection layer inside the piping should be worn or damaged at a specific point, the conductor will be broken there. This causes an alert to be triggered and – in combination with suitable evaluation logic –  the affected section of piping can be identified. Wear-protection monitoring is available for all materials and even for combined linings.


  • Intelligent system for monitoring wear
  • Wear-protection monitoring for electric, pneumatic or mechanical systems
  • Early warning when lifespan of a component is coming to an end
  • Environmental pollution and operational hazards can be prevented