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Tubing systems

KALFLEX is flexible piping that can be easily installed with standard flanges. The core elements of the system are abrasion-resistant tiles or segments made of oxide ceramic or hard casting, which are inserted into one another and pushed flexibly into one another.

The segments are enclosed in a rubber jacket containing a fabric insert, which ensures adequate stability and leak tightness

KALFLEX with diamond-shaped KALOCER ceramic

The outer sleeving of KALFLEX hoses is made of rubber. The embedded woven insert with steel spirals keeps them stable. The inner surface of the hoses has diamond-shaped ceramic plates made of KALOCER embedded into it as part of a vulcanisation process. This provides excellent protection against frictional wear and also makes it possible to arrange the tubing system with tight radii and sharp angles in any direction. The inner diameter ranges from 50 to 200 mm.

Diamond-shaped arrangement of ceramic tiles for very tight bending radii

KALFLEX with segments made of KALOCER ceramic

For applications subject to extremely harsh sliding wear conditions, segments can be made of high alumina ceramics. The inner diameter ranges from 50 to 125 mm. To meet static requirements, the KALOCER solution uses collars and flanges made of hard casting and/or steel.

KALFLEX with segments made of KALCAST hard casting

The wear-resistant KALCAST segments are made of hard castings that provide protection against both impact and sliding wear. Diameters range from 19 to 200 mm.


  • Inside diameter ranging from 19 to 200 mm
  • Maximum temperature 110 °C
  • Pressure up to 10 bar
  • Used in diverter valves
  • Used as vibration reducing elements
  • Used as expansion joints
  • Well-suited for use in tight spaces
  • Compensation of load cells
  • Rubber sleeving: weather-resistant and durable EPDM