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KALMETALL pipes and pipe bends

Welded hard surfacing

Pneumatic and hydraulic conveying operations and dust removal subject pipe and channel elements to heavy wear. Making the associated components out of KALMETALL significantly extends their service life. The KALMETALL brand designates a range of hard-faced steel systems comprising a tough basic shell with hard-face welding. The basic material of the systems is the reinforcement substrate. It consists of standard steels, depending on the specific application.

The hard-face welding forms the wear layer. It consists of a C-Cr-Fe system with primary chromium carbides. This provides the extreme hardness of the hard-face weld, which can be up to 820 HV, depending on the alloy composition. The standard thickness of the hard-face welding ranges from 3 to 4 mm. Special thicknesses over 4 mm up to 18 mm are also available on request.


  • Metal wear protection using hard-face welding
  • Interior and/or exterior hard-face welding
  • Uniform seamless and continuous spiral lining
  • Extremely resistant to impacts and abrasion (depending on the alloy)
  • Highly resistant to temperature changes
  • Low weight and easy to join
  • Low production cost, enabling rapid replacement of worn pipes
  • Highly cost-effective self-supporting structures