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Flanges, couplings

Flanged connections

Wear-resistant pipes are joined together and/or with normal steel pipe by means of fixed or loose flanges, depending on requirements.

Wear-proofed pipes can be connected to one another easily, provided that at least one side is equipped with a fixed collar and loose flange.

A transition flange with larger diameter bolt circle on the unlined pipe presents an alternative to the intermediate flange.

When connecting a lined pipe to a pipe, pump, etc., of differing dimensions, the connection is made using an intermediate flange.


With pipe fittings, the recommended dimensions of gaskets result from:

Outer diameter = outer diameter of collar

Inner diameter = outer diameter of steel pipe

Recommended minimum thickness: 2 mm. All conventional gasket materials can be used, depending on the load. Other forms and types of seals are possible.

ABRESIST pipe with fixed flange

ABRESIST pipe with fixed collar and loose flange

Connections with expansion joints

To compensate for the changing length of longer pipelines, various types of wear-proof expansion joints are available.

Expansion joint in a
hydraulic ash line


Wear-proof piping can be joined with all standard coupling elements.

Coupling with radial positive locking

Coupling with axial positive locking

Special connections such as bolted and welded connections as well as articulated elements are available on request.