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Wear-proof material outstanding against frictional wear in hot conditions

We use silicon carbide ceramics for plant components which are subject to not only extreme abrasive wear but also high temperatures or stresses due to temperature fluctuations. KALSICA is available in various quality grades depending on where it is used. Typical applications include coal dust distributors, cyclone linings and coke ramps. High-precision custom components, even for complex geometries, are used as wear-protection fittings in pumps, fans or hydraulic cyclones.


  • High resistance to wear and smooth surfaces
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Usable in locations subject to chemical stresses
  • Small thicknesses from 2 mm and upwards
  • Operational temperature max.1550°C (depending on conditions for installation)
  • High resistance to temperature fluctuations
  • Very good heat conductivity

Deliverable forms and installation

The range includes standard plates, specially shaped components and cylinders. They are installed using KALFIX adhesive or attached to the plant mechanically on site. Ready-to-install components are also available.