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Wear protection for steelworks

Wear protection for steelworks – worldwide presence

In steelworks, plant shutdowns are practically impossible. For that reason, reliable wear protection in all plant components is a strategic investment in steelworks. The goal is to prevent the need for unscheduled repairs and to avoid production downtime. Kalenborn is your competent partner for plant and equipment optimization through wear protection and wear resistance in all production areas of the iron and steel industry – right there on site, all around the world. Upstream and downstream processes also benefit from our wear protection, thereby providing for greater productivity and reliability in steelworks. From raw material delivery and storage to slag granulation and pig iron processing.

Wear protection for steelworks – coking plants

To reduce the iron oxide in the steelwork blast furnace, most smelters use their own coke. Kalenborn wear protection solutions significantly enhance the strength of the associated storage and conveyor systems upstream of the raw coal bunkers, chutes and conveyor belt transfer points, to the coke batteries and all the way to the coke benches. And we also provide suitable wear protection linings for equipment used in the coke quenching process, ensuring durable optimization of quenching towers and coke discharge facilities, as well as in transferring the coke to interim storage prior to eventual processing in the sinter plant.

Wear protection for steelworks – sinter plants

The solutions we provide to successfully prevent wear in dust extraction equipment, extractor hoods, channels and pipelines of steelworks are effective and economical in equal measure. We protect against wear in the highly stressed chutes, sieves and mixers used in the process of homogenizing coke, ore and aggregates and delivering them to the sintering belt. Wear protection for equipment used to crush, screen, mix and convey the hot sinter requires special expertise. Carefully selected materials must be used in order to withstand the prevailing operating temperatures and parameters there, prior to subsequent transfer to the blast furnace or the granulation unit.

Wear protection for steelworks – blast furnace

In smelting operations, it is of crucial importance that the process of charging the blast furnace with raw materials proceeds smoothly. Our wear protection solutions here ensure the perfect and long-lasting performance of the components, e.g. in the throat stopper. Likewise in the agitators and cyclones for the removal of dust from the blast furnace gases, Kalenborn offers effective wear protection with decades of experience.

As an alternative to the classic blast furnace process, more and more steelworks are also using direct reduction processes, which operate without coke and emit less CO2 as a result. For those applications, Kalenborn has specialized experience in wear protection optimization in combination with a temperature-optimized lining system.

Wear protection for steelworks – slag granulation

The granulation of slag, to produce slag sand as a replacement for clinker, for example, has become an established process used throughout the world. In the granulation tank and the hydraulic pipelines for carrying the slag sand, many Kalenborn products have proven effective. They protect components against abrasive wear, thereby durably enhancing the process reliability and service life of the equipment in the steelworks.

Wear protection for electric steelworks

In the refining of raw steel and in recycling, electric arc furnaces are generally used. The various raw materials – from scrap and alloying elements to auxiliary materials and the adjustment of the carbon content by means of coal dust injection – cause wear in the different conveyors and pipelines. Solutions made of ABRESIST (fused cast basalt), KALCOR or KALOCER (ceramic linings) and KALMETALL (hardfacing) from Kalenborn have proven effective and efficient as wear protection in steelworks the world over.

Wear protection for steelworks – continuous casting lines and hot rolling mills

In the casting and rolling of slabs, blanks and billets and in processing them into profiles and sheets, numerous operations subject equipment to wear which can be successfully prevented by a variety of materials from Kalenborn. Typical application areas in steelworks include descalers, troughs and pipes as well as equipment components used to regenerate and recycle mill scale during the steel production process.

Wear protection for steelworks – foundries

In foundries, we provide protective linings for all components affected by wear. This includes dust removal and air purification equipment, mixers and piping for the preparation and transfer of molding sand, used sand lines, hoppers, injection lines for additional fuels (coal or secondary fuels), and floor coverings and slag transfer lines subject to high temperatures and wear. Kalenborn materials extend the service life of such equipment many times over.