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Other Industries

Successful in many industries

Our customers work in over 80 different sectors across all five continents. Our remarkable position in the industrial wear protection market is one of our main strengths. Kalenborn solutions are always custom-made to suit particular applications and specifications.

Potash and salt mining

Kalenborn industrial wear protection solutions are already used in many areas of underground mining, for example in wheel loaders, trucks and conveying equipment. The use of chemicals during the process of loosening and separating the extracted ore creates even greater wear problems. Kalenborn has the right linings and systems to ensure corrosion and abrasion resistance, wear protection and improve the slide properties of all the plant components that are affected.


The use of quartz sand as a raw material in glass production necessitates good industrial wear protection for the pipelines used to fill the silos and feed the tanks. The processing and conveying equipment used in recycling old glass also has to be protected. We also offer economical solutions to protect the production and optimize recycling wear protection processes in the manufacture of glass wool and insulation materials.

Other areas of specialisation

We work in many other areas, such as the chemical industry, refining, mineral wool production and cargo handling of cereals, coal, ore, etc.