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KALIMPACT is a hard material hard material rubber composite. Depending on the specific abrasion and impact resistance requirements, KALIMPACT comprises either ABRESIST fused cast basalt, KALOCER oxide ceramics or with KALMETALL hard overlay welded plates. Each of the different material variations is formed into a vulcanised composite rubber sheet.

Our customer extracts and processes approximately 150 thousand tonnes per year of zinc and lead ores from their own mine. Zinc alloys are used in the smelting and automotive industries as well as for the continuous zinc-plating of products in the processing industry. In the course of refining, zinc oxide (ZnO) is conveyed at 400°C via pneumatic pipes and pipe bends from the sphalerite roasting plant to the leaching unit.

The cascade chute is a fail-safe means of conveying materials located at the top of a blast furnace. Raw materials, including heavy hot briquetted iron (HBI), are deposited onto the chute via the transport and conveyance systems to which it is connected. Such materials cause a great deal of abrasion and impact wear.

It is an unusual contract when the colour of the wear protection is a key aspect. In the glass industry, though, it is not only extremely high-performance wear protection which is in demand. In order for fully transparent, clear varieties of glass, such as plate glass, not to get dirty during manufacture, it is preferred that white materials only are used. Wear monitoring is intended to provide additional protection for piping and plant components.

KALDETECT is a system for monitoring wear. It provides early and reliable warning of when piping or plant components are approaching their end-of-life. It therefore prevents unplanned downtime and repairs and well as any environmental or equipment damage.

One of our customers is a plant manufacturer that is among Europe’s biggest producers of boilers used in coal-fired power stations and waste incineration plants. En route to the burners, the coal dust pipelines branch into the so-called “coal dust distributors”. Their complex geometries and the high velocity of the abrasive medium subject them to extreme wear.

Iron ore is a key raw material which is extracted as rock from ore mines. Various industrial processing steps refine the ore till it is in the form of pressed pellets. It is in this form that the ore is used for the manufacture of steel. Our customer is the world’s leading producer of iron ore pellets. Right from the founding of Kalenborn do Brasil 15 years ago, the company has been supplying the producer with wear protection solutions for various pieces of plant.

A power station constructor plans and builds thermal power stations all over the world. As a market leader the company relies on modern, environmentally friendly and economical plant. The right wear protection for this is irreplaceable. For initial commissioning of newly built power plants in China and Austria, the company therefore relies on support from Kalenborn.

Bauxite is a sharp-edged aluminium ore that causes considerable wear to equipment during transportation and loading/unloading. That is why impact baffle plates are used to decelerate the flow of material to the next handover point and thus lessen the abrasive force of the ore. To make sure these last as long as possible, we fitted the steel components with additional lining consisting of oxide ceramic KALOCER moulded sections.

KALCOR-Bauteile zur Auskleidung der Zyklone in unserem Werk in den USA

Silicon is one of the most abundant elements on earth. As polysilicon, it is used especially in solar cells. Its crystal structure helps convert solar energy into electrical energy. At the same time, however, this property enables high wear in the production plants. We ensure the right form of protection.