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Kalenborn develops and manufactures custom-fit linings for the protection of industrial plants against abrasion and impact wear. With our wear-resistant materials and pipe systems and wear protection for industrial plants, we secure the flow of materials and protect our customers‘ production from premature downtimes.

We use special processes for lining so that our customers can reuse their plant components. This saves resources in steel construction and reduces CO2 emissions to protect the environment.

We act sustainably across the entire value chain. We use environmentally friendly energies in the manufacture of our products and, with basalt and ceramics, rely on natural materials that can be regenerated. 



Clean dedusting systems in cement mills

The dedusting system in cement plants has the task of separating dust and particles from exhaust gases. It reduces dust emissions and ...

Rinne für Hüttensand


Blast furnace sand slides smoothly through flumes

In a blast furnace operation in Turkey, granulated blast furnace slag is conveyed into a settling and collecting basin via a flume ...

Rohrleitungen Zementwerk mit Schmelzbasalt


Higher performance with fused cast basalt ABRESIST pipes

Pneumatic pipelines in a cement plant often caused unforeseen repairs and replacements for the operators. The in-house constructions made of thick-walled steel ...

Zunderwasserleitung Leck


Scale water pipe with KALMETALL W100 chromium carbide overlay protected against wear

A hot rolling mill is a type of rolling mill in which the steel is heated to temperatures between approx. 780 and ...

eastercard kalenborn


We sincerely wish you a happy Easter and relaxing spring days

Kalenborn wishes all customers and partners a happy Easter and a relaxing spring holiday.

Absaugkanal Sinterstaub


Optimum extraction of sinter dust in the suction duct

In pig iron production, steel mills and foundries, emissions are generated at many points, including sinter dust, which must be reliably collected ...



Bucket wheel reclaimer with impact-resistant bucket wheels for ore

Iron ore (sinter feed) is produced in Minas Gerais state, Brazil and exported through the Tubarão port in Espírito Santo state. The ...



Clean and emission-free energy generation

As part of its sustainability strategy, Kalenborn relies on its own electrical energy in its companies, which is generated from the conversion ...



Rotary distributor rotates longer with KALOCER

The rotary distributor is a plant component in the steel industry and is used for slag sand processing. The slag-sand mixture is ...


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protect your plants. The portfolio is based on different mineral, ceramic and metallic materials, compounds or engineering plastics.
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