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Kalenborn develops and manufactures custom-fit linings for the protection of industrial plants against abrasion and impact wear. With our wear-resistant materials and pipe systems and wear protection for industrial plants, we secure the flow of materials and protect our customers‘ production from premature downtimes.

We use special processes for lining so that our customers can reuse their plant components. This saves resources in steel construction and reduces CO2 emissions to protect the environment.

We act sustainably across the entire value chain. We use environmentally friendly energies in the manufacture of our products and, with basalt and ceramics, rely on natural materials that can be regenerated. 



Made to measure: Thick matter cyclone with KALCOR lining

Coal is one common raw material for the manufacture of coke, which is used as the fuel for blast furnaces. One leading ...

Venturi nozzles


Ceramic inserts protect Venturi nozzles when injecting steam

In the factory of a leading shale oil producer, oil shale is separated into oil and gas. For the purpose of flue ...



KALOCER is protecting a screw conveyor from abrasion

At the largest copper mine in Europe, ore is transported for processing by means of a screw conveyor. The high silicon content ...

Prallbleche Schüttgut


Wear-resistant baffle plates protect against bulk material

Bauxite is a sharp-edged aluminium ore that causes considerable wear to equipment during transportation and loading/unloading. That is why impact baffle plates ...

Schiffsentlader Port Maritime de Dunquerque


Ship unloader systems for bulk materials protected

The „Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque“ in northern France is the country‘s third-largest port and its most important trans-shipment point for foodstuffs and ...



Helping to reclaim land with high alumina ceramics KALOCER

The North Sea Canal, the international airport in Hong Kong and the Palm islands at Dubai all share one thing in common: ...

View of lower cones with Kalocer deflectors


Less abrasive wear for twin cyclone in the paper industry

A paper manufacturer with around 500 employees makes some 300,000 tonnes of newspaper, cardboard and special papers. The three main resources for ...

v.l.n.r. Youri Alves, Projektassistent, Simone Fernandez, Finance & Administration Manager, Luiz Antonio Campos, Managing Director, Edson Menezes, Technical Koordinator

Kalenborn Brazil was honored with the Top Engenharias 2023 Award

Kalenborn do Brasil was awarded for the second consecutive year in the wear protection category. ...


Biomass producer extends ducting life with a combination of Kalenborn solutions

At one of its largest bio-solids recycling plants, a leading company in the biomass industry has specified a trio of Kalenborn abrasion-resistant ...


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protect your plants. The portfolio is based on different mineral, ceramic and metallic materials, compounds or engineering plastics.
are piping components lined with our materials.
are proven systems for the protection of plant parts

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