Scale water pipe with KALMETALL W100 chromium carbide overlay protected against wear

A hot rolling mill is a type of rolling mill in which the steel is heated to temperatures between approx. 780 and 1260 degrees Celsius before rolling and is then formed.

At a manufacturer of sheet piling elements, the hot scale produced in the hot rolling mill is rinsed into channels as usual and then collected in the scale basin. The channel lining is made of ABRESIST fused cast basalt, which is abrasion-resistant and promotes sliding and has a temperature resistance of up to 350 °C.

The last part of the channel lining is a scale water pipe. It must be designed as a closed DN700 pipe. The service life of the pipe made of thick-walled steel without wear protection lining was far from the service life of the wear-resistant channel lining with ABRESIST fused cast basalt. This resulted in regular leaks and flooding in the basement due to wear. There were shutdowns during which only simple repairs were possible due to the need for continuous operation.

The Kalenborn experts inspected the pipeline route during an inspection and decided to protect the DN700 pipeline with internal hard overlay welding. With this solution, the supports and pipe support can be used without the burden of an additional lining. Kalenborn carried out the KALMETALL chromiumcarbide overlay CCO in 6+4 mm and 8+5 mm (thickness of base material plus thickness of hard overlay welding). KALMETALL is characterized by its excellent abrasion and impact resistance at application temperatures of up to 750 °C. The wear-resistant scale water pipe has now been in operation for 3 years without any repairs.