Relinable GREEN pipes

Savings of up to 75% CO2 per kg of pipe part

Green pipes and pipe bends have a wear-resistant lining that can be removed and recycled at the end of their service life. The wear-resistant lining’s special mounting concept makes it possible to remove the old lining without destroying the steel shell. The existing steel pipes are subsequently relined with new material cylinders.


The green product range

    Fused cast basalt
  • KALCOR pipes GREEN
    Zirconium corundum
    High alumina ceramics


Clever wear protection monitoring KALDETECT protects

KALDETECT electric is a good prerequisite for the smooth replacement of the wear protection lining in green pipes. It gives the operator an early indication when the protective lining is worn, thereby keeping the steel pipes from becoming damaged and preventing possible environmental damage.

More about KALDETECT Wear protection monitoring

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