Composite construction of hard material and rubber KALIMPACT

Sound-absorbing composite material for impact and abrasion wear
Chute with KALIMPACT
Vulcanization KALIMPACT Material-Rubber Composite

As a hard material composite formed with rubber, KALIMPACT is primarily used where high impact loading occurs in combination with heavy abrasion. The wear protection is vulcanised in rubber.

Depending on the specific abrasion and impact resistance requirements, KALIMPACT comprises either fused cast basalt ABRESIST, oxide ceramics KALOCER or welded hard surfacing KALMETALL.


  • Impact-resistant elements 
  • Hard, wear-resistant surface 
  • Impact-dampening characteristics of the rubber
  • Easy, secure installation by mechanical, adhesive or magnetic means
  • Easy replacement of the elements 
  • Optimal adaptation to specific needs through different sizes, thicknesses and configurations
  • Good insulation against noise and vibration
Machining of KALIMPACT KALOCER plates

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