Flexible hosing systems KALFLEX

Flexible pipe bends with wear-resistant materials in the core
Diamond-shaped arrangement of ceramic tiles for very tight bending radii

Wear-protected KALFLEX hoses are used where flexibility of radius and angle are required. They are suitable for the passage of highly abrasive materials such as granules, quartz sand, slurry, powdered lime, or coal dust. This means you can avoid maintenance shutdowns and the need to replace hoses.

KALFLEX are flexible hoses that can be easily installed with normal flanges. The core of the system are wear-resistant plates or segments made of hard cast, which are inserted into each other and flexibly slid into each other. The segments are enclosed in a rubber jacket containing a fabric insert, which ensures adequate stability and leak tightness.

KALFLEX is offered in:

  • KALFLEX with ceramic plates made of oxide ceramics KALOCER
  • KALFLEX with segments of chilled cast iron KALCAST


  • Inside diameter ranging from 19 to 200 mm
  • Maximum temperature 110 °C
  • Pressure up to 10 bar
  • Used in diverter valves
  • Used as vibration reducing elements
  • Used as expansion joints
  • Well-suited for use in tight spaces
  • Compensation of load cells
  • Rubber sleeving: weather-resistant and durable EPDM
KALFLEX tubing system as part of a transfer tube in the USA

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