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With its core business of wear protection, Kalenborn has been helping its customers to operate sustainably for over 100 years. With its solutions for protection against wear, Kalenborn secures the flow of material and prevents its customers‘ production from premature downtimes.

Special processes for the protective lining of plants and pipes enable them to be reused instead of having to be produced anew. This saves considerable CO2 emissions and protects the environment.

We use photovoltaics as light energy for our own electricity generation and heat recovery in our production furnaces for the manufacture of our materials. With basalt and ceramics, we rely on natural materials that are regenerable.

Kalenborn will report in accordance with the German Sustainability Code

With the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), the EU will in future oblige companies to report on sustainability in their annual reports. A sustainability report informs about the sustainability of the company’s own decisions and what impact they have had on the environment.

To comply with the German Sustainability Code (DNK), Kalenborn prepared an analysis of twenty DNK criteria and supplementary non-financial performance indicators with the help of a consultant and a database. The analysis resulted in the following materiality matrix for Kalenborn. It shows on the Y-axis the impact of Kalenborn’s performance indicators on the environment and society and on the X-axis the financial impact of the performance indicators on Kalenborn as a company.

Kalenborn will report in more detail on the influences of the performance indicators in its future sustainability report.

Materiality matrix for Kalenborn according to the German Sustainability Code

Kalenborn supports the UN Global Compact as a participant

As a global company, Kalenborn has a special responsibility to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet.

As a participant, we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have made sustainability a cornerstone of our business strategy.

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