Welded hard surfacing KALMETALL pipes

Wear-resistant pipes for extreme impact and abrasion resistance

The KALMETALL brand designates a range of hard-faced steel systems comprising a tough basic shell with hard-face welding. The basic material of the systems is the reinforcement substrate. It consists of standard steels, depending on the specific application.

The hard-face welding forms the wear layer. It consists of a C-Cr-Fe system with primary chromium carbides. This provides the extreme hardness of the hard-face weld, which can be up to 820 HV, depending on the alloy composition. The standard thickness of the hard-face welding ranges up to 4 mm. Special thicknesses over 4 mm up to 18 mm are also available on request.


  • Metal wear protection using hard-face welding
  • Interior and/or exterior hard-face welding
  • Uniform seamless and continuous spiral lining
  • Extremely resistant to impacts and abrasion (depending on the alloy)
  • Highly resistant to temperature changes
  • Low weight and easy to join
  • Low production cost, enabling rapid replacement of worn pipes
  • Highly cost-effective self-supporting structures
Hardfacing of workpieces with cored wires and rod electrodes

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