Wear-resistant piping systems

Hydraulic and pneumatic pipelines and flexible hoses often have to withstand extremely harsh conditions. Conveying abrasive materials such as ash, sand or sinter dust subject pipes to acute levels of stress. Even thick-walled steel or cast iron pipes often show significant signs of wear in an extremely short period of time. Particularly affected by wear are the pipe bends, where the flow has strong turbulence.

To ensure a long service life and high conveying capacity, it is essential to line the pipes, pipe bends and hoses with wear-resistant materials.

Standard piping systems

Kalenborn’s standard range includes the following wear-resistant piping systems with standard diameters:

The green product range

Increasingly, these standard pipe systems are purchased as green pipes with wear-resistant linings. The worn lining can be dismantled and recycled at the end of its life at Kalenborn. The relining of the existing steel pipe saves around 90% CO2 per kg of pipe part, as in the example for ABRESIST pipes GREEN.

Fused cast basalt

Zirconium corundum

High alumina ceramic

We offer piping systems with larger diameters or deviating dimensions according to customer-specific requirements.

More about KALMETALL pipes

KALMETALL are various hardfacing steel systems consisting of a tough base body and the hardfacing. Depending on the alloy of the hard overlay welding, a very high impact and erosion resistance as well as abrasion resistance is achieved.

During dust extraction, for example, there is considerable wear in the pipe or duct components. The manufacture of these components from KALMETALL considerably extends the service life.

KALFLEX Hosing systems

KALFLEX are wear-resistant and flexible hoses made of rubber that can be easily installed with normal flanges. They are used where flexible radius and angle design is required. The core of the system are wear-resistant plates or segments made of oxide ceramics or cast iron, which are inserted into each other and flexibly shifted into each other.

Wear-protection combination lining

The optimum wear protection lining for pipes or bends can also consist of a combination of different materials. Kalenborn offers special pipes and bends whose lining is adapted to the different loads in each case.

Pipe fittings

In addition to the wear-protected pipe and hose systems, Kalenborn also produces the matching pipe fittings in a wide variety of geometries: from pipe bends to T- and Y-pieces and cross-pieces to deflection bends.

Flanges and couplings are also offered for connecting wear-resistant pipes and hose systems to each other. We also offer gaskets, expansion joints and couplings.

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