Professional wear protection lining

Lining iron ore pipelines with KALOCER

In addition to the wear-protection lining of plant components in our own facilities, much wear-protection work can only be carried out on-site at client’s premises.  Bunkers, cyclones, mixers, channels, trough chain conveyors and other non-portable plant components need to be lined in situ. One other aspect here is the need to keep interruptions to operation down to a minimum.

For this purpose our mobile installation teams can offer their experience and professionalism to install wear-protection linings with superbly skilful results anywhere in the world. For rapid and professional repairs or relining of large plant components, our technicians and installation teams are brought together to include all the skills necessary for the job at hand. Expert consultants are also available to you, even when matters are technically complex.

Assembly team lining a chute with KALOCER

Manufacturing and assembling

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