Rotary distributor rotates longer with KALOCER

The rotary distributor is a plant component in the steel industry and is used for slag sand processing. The slag-sand mixture is fed through an S-bend into the rotary distributor, which directs the slag-sand mixture into the dewatering silos below.

Kalenborn lined the S-bend and rotary distributor with the high alumina ceramics KALOCER. The ceramic molded parts could be adapted particularly well to the demanding geometry of the rotary distributor. KALOCER protects the system parts from the extreme abrasion wear of the slag-sand mixture, and the smooth surfaces of the ceramic promote the transportation of the slag mixture.

The old rotary distributor was Kalenborn’s original equipment and had been in successful use for over 20 years. Kalenborn ensured its long service life with regular maintenance of the wear protection. As part of the relining of the blast furnace, the order was placed for the new delivery of the rotary distributor. This included the production of the steel part as well as the delivery and installation of the developed KALOCER lining. The wear protection design could thus be perfectly adapted to the rotary distributor manufactured in-house to ensure trouble-free operation for years to come.

In the slag pelletizing area, Kalenborn also manufactured all the inlet and outlet pipes to the rotary distributor and protected them with KALOCER and the zirconium corundum ceramic KALCOR. Our assemblers also relined the inlet pipe in the pelletizing tower with KALOCER during a shutdown. The customer praised the precision fit of the rotary distributor and the installation team, who were always on hand to help.