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Wear-proof fused cast basalt for protection against frictional wear

Basalt is a variety of igneous rock with high density and a uniform mineral structure. Its hardness makes it the ideal raw material for the mineral-based, wear-resistant products used throughout the world under the brand name ABRESIST. ABRESIST fused basalt reliably protects plant components such as cinder channels, marl funnels or coke bunkers in the iron and steel industry or ordinary piping, such as flue ash piping in thermal power stations, from abrasive wear.


  • Very hard and smooth surface for good flow enhancement properties
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Usable in locations subject to chemical stresses
  • (FDA approved)
  • Operational temperature max. 350°C
  • Cylinders with internal diameters of 40-525 mm

Deliverable forms and installation

Custom, precision-made cylinders for lining pipes, pipe bends and specially shaped components, as well as plates for covering plant components. Installation is carried out using cement mortar or special adhesives (KALFIX) at customers’ premises anywhere in the world by Kalenborn engineers or using components pre-fabricated at our own facilities.

Kalenborn ABRESIST fused cast basalt