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Very hard and wear-resistant chilled iron wear protection for mass-produced components

KALCAST is a hard-cast, metallic material for which the balance between impact and wear resistance can be determined in advance. This is achieved by alloying the metal with various quantities of chrome, nickel and carbon additives. Typical applications for this include bunker entrances, coke ramps, screw conveyors for granulation of slag, asphalt or concrete mixers, and crushers, grinding rollers and plates in a vertical mill, as well as for coal dust piping in power stations.


  • Inexpensive manufacture of standard components
  • Selectable impact and wear resistance depending on alloy mix.
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Operational temperature max. 350°C
  • Thicknesses of plates, pipes and pipe bends from 15-70 mm
  • Pipes with internal diameters of 40-800 mm

Deliverable forms and installation

The range includes standard plates, specially shaped components and cylinders. Installation commonly involves practically sensible combinations of other materials bonded in KALFIX adhesive or attachment to the plant mechanically on site. Ready-to-install components are also available.

Kalenborn – KALCAST