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Highly resistant against frictional wear with a low-friction surface which helps items to slide

KALCERAM is a wear-resistant hard ceramic with good anti-friction properties. KALCERAM is the most economical material for lining plant components, which not only need protection against abrasive wear but also need excellent anti-friction properties at high temperatures. The material is particularly well suited for the lining of coal bunkers, chutes and drainage channels in coking plants, chutes for loading sacks in cement works, as well as in cyclones, separators and sifters.


  • Good anti-friction properties and resistance to abrasive wear
  • High temperature resistance
  • Custom-made plates or blocks

Deliverable forms and installation

KALCERAM hard ceramic is available in various thicknesses and standard formats. Installation is commonly performed in combination with other slide-promoting materials bonded in KALFIX adhesive or involves attachment to the plant mechanically on site.