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Zirconium corundum wear protection resistant to high temperatures and frictional wear.

The cast ceramic material KALCOR has proven effective for lining plant components that are subject not only to extremely harsh abrasion, but also high or fluctuating temperatures, for example in chutes for hot sinter or clinker, in hot gas pipelines or in dust extraction cyclones and separators.


  • Very hard and resistant to wear
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Usable in locations subject to chemical stresses.
  • Operational temperature max. 1200°C
  • Small thicknesses for cylinders from 12 mm upwards
  • High resistance to temperature fluctuations, resistant to thermal shock
  • Wide range of geometries
  • Cylinders with diameters of 50-500 mm
  • Asymmetric cross sections are available for pipe bends

Deliverable forms and installation


The zirconium corundum KALCOR range includes plates, specially shaped components and cylinders in various formats with differing thicknesses. Installation commonly involves an economic combination of other materials bonded in KALFIX adhesive or attachment to the plant mechanically on site. Apart from the provision of our own engineers for installation anywhere in the world, custom-made components can also be delivered, even in complex geometries.


Kalenborn – Kalcor Zirconium Corundum